Misc: Is your Computer Killing You?

This is a great article for those that sit in front of they’re computers all day long. It goes over 10 different ways a computer can harm your body. They also provide ways to counter or at least minimize the effects.


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Web 2.0: Social Money, Collect on Debts

Generous among friends? Being taken advantage of your generosity? Well, now you can keep track of financial debt amongst friends with BillMonk. All you need to do is sign up and enter the email addys of your friends and how much they owe you. You can also use SMS to notify them. BillMonk can keep track of all the different transactions a user has with various people.

Check it out!

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Misc: Thumbthing, Decrease Hand Cramps from Reading

Tired of cramped thumbs? Too lazy to use two hands to hold your book? Well, now theres a new ingenius way to hold your book and decrease hand cramps and increase comfort. The Thumbthing is a new invention from Europe.

Check it out!

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CES 2006: Video Blog provided by DIVX Labs

CES promo Banner
For those unfortunate souls like me who could not make it out to CES this year, DIVX Labs have provided a Video Blog, or Vblog, with high quality Videos on some of the cool things they discovered at CES. I highly recommend watching the Taser video, it is hilarious! In order to watch those vids, you need to install they’re DIVX plugin for your browser.


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Web 2.0: Alcohol, Extra Tasty!

Web 2.0 + Alcohol = Extra Tasty! This website is aimed at the niche community of alcholics and Web 2.0. It incorporates Ajax, Tagging, and Social Networking. You can add your own alcoholic creation or you can find other drinks tagged under your favorite alcohol. Lets see how nasty, I mean tasty, some of these creations can be…

Check it out

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Web 2.0: Ajax-rich Polls

Ajax-rich interactive poll! This is one of the coolest ajax app I have come across on the web. You can create your own polls and incorporate into your website/blog and its all for FREE! You can create private or public polls and have a nice poll box for results.
Heres two that I just made:

Create polls and vote for free. dPolls.com

Create polls and vote for free. dPolls.com

Try it Here

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CES: Wireless USB

Wireless USB, Is it coming soon? Staccato Communications has just announced its Ripcord Family at CES. The Ripcord is a USB key that can wirelessly transmit from any external hard drive. Based on the Certified Wireless USB specification with transfer speeds of 480 Mbps. Western Digital, Maxtor, and Seagate have integrated this into all of their next generation hard drives and computer manfacturers will incorporate this technology into laptops by 2007. So no more USB cables!

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