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Connoisseur of Web 2.0 , Technology, Gadgetry

Professional Experience

Tech Krazy Inc. (www.TechKrazy.com) : Technology Consultant

Small business IT consulting firm dedicated to serving the needs of local small businesses such as tax offices, medical offices, dentists/orthodontists, law offices, and small school departments. Projects include desktop and internet services, web page development, custom build computers, data management, data security, and networking.

ASUS Computer International (www.ASUS.com) : Regional Account Manager/ Business Development Manager

Managed and developed small to large Corporations in the East Coast. Increased market share with data analysis through market/data research. Attended conferences to give presentations/training models for clients.

Lobo Machinery Corp. : Sales / Service Technician

Servicing of woodworking machinery. Rigorous hands-on service projects. Business trade-show representative. Organized and itemized inventory in the warehouse.

A&L Food Co. : Operations Supervisor

Coordinated various processes to ensure accurate, efficiently, and timely deliveries to all customers in the immediate Bay Area.

Cameron House : Mentor / Leader

Provided leadership and guidance for a dedicated youth group in San Francisco, CA. Responsibilities included tutoring for various subjects, counseling, mentoring of kids, and training of local high school students into mentors/leaders. Stressed communication between mentors to ensure an exceptional experience for all participating youths.

Contact Me: RichardLeong@gmail.com


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