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Cars: XBOX 360 gameplay in Nissan Concept Car

Nissan and Microsoft are teaming up to bring you the next generation in advanced gaming. To be more specific, this is the Nissan car concept URGE which integrates an XBOX 360 into the car. Now we all know you can go to any custom car audio shop and have any game console installed into a vehicle but the URGE incorporates the controls into the steering wheel and pedals for games like Project Gotham Racing 3. Of course you can only play the game when it is in park. Price range is around $20,000.


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Mobile: Motion Eye KTF-T3000

Video Conferencing will never be the same with this 3G Slider phone from KTF Technologies. This phone features the “Motion Eye” Video Camera that you have seen in Sony’s VAIO Notebooks. The Motion Eye can automatically track you and adjusts the camera according to your position. It also features an MP3 player, PictBridge Support, FAT 16 file system, and a remote control.


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DualCor cPC merges XP PC with Smartphone

DualCor  cPC XP PC Smartphone.jpg

What happens when you combine a PDA with a Cellular Phone? You get an smartphone, but what about those who just can’t live without they’re XP? Well, now there is a unique convergence product out that combines Windows Mobile 5.0 with Windows XP Tablet. The cPC is 6.5 inches long, 3.3 inches wide, 1.2 inches thick and has a 5-inch diagonal touchscreen. Built around a VIA 1.5GHz CPU and 1GB DDR2 memory for the Tablet Side and for the Smartphone they used an Intel PXA CPU with 128MB DRAM and 1GB of Flash memory.


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Sony’s QRIO robot attains Enlightenment with third eye

QRIO Robots

Sony’s latest update to the QRIO is an “all seeing Eye” added to its forehead to help distinguish a person amongst a crowd. Not only can it pick out a person from a crowd, it can dance a little jig and also use its dexterous fingers to pick up items.


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