CES: Seweage Leak

WOW! This is a picture of a sewage leak at CES and the event just started. I’m sure Intel isn’t too happy about this but you have to admit the reflection from the ground makes for good marketing.

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Mobile: Treo 700W Officially launched for…..Verizon

It has finally launched! For all you Treo fans, the Treo 700W has just launched and Verizon has it. It of course supports the new Windows Smartphone 5.0, which I detest since I’ve become accustomed to PalmOS. It supports EVDO of course which I believe has a rated 300 – 700kbps compared to EDGE which is 70kbps – 130kbps. It also supports Bluetooth 1.2, WIFI SD Card, and Voice Dialing. Palm has added 25 accessories to the 700W. More Specs Here

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Amazon: 30 day refund policy

Amazon.com has a new refund policy wherein if you purchased an item, and within 30days, there is a drop in price, they will credit you back the difference. Now what this website does for you is simplify the process by having you input your purchase into they’re database and they will notify you by email if there is a price drop. No more checking back and forth! RefundPlease.com also includes other online retailers that offer credit back on purchases ie. CircuitCity.com

Check it Out!

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Misc: Package Alert Service

I’ve always hated the routine of constantly going to either UPS or Fedex and inputting the tracking number just to find out that there has been no update. There have been some solutions to this like RSS feeds but that would still require me to go and check my RSS feed for an update. What I want ideally is for the shipping companies to notify me of any changes to the status of my package. Well, now there is a new service I found online called Package Alert Service which allows you to input your tracking number from UPS or Fedex, your email address, and description of your package and it will send you an email every time there is an update or status change. USPS already has a email alerting service so this is great for those who receive they’re package from UPS or Fedex. If you have an Yahoo account, there is a workaround to receiving a notice by using any of the tracking sites that generate RSS feeds and plugging that feed into alerts.yahoo.com . Then you can be notified by your choice of email, IM or SMS.

Try it Here!

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Downloads: Store your Passwords


KeePass Password Safe is an open-source Windows app that stores your passwords and encrypts them in a database(actually just one file). It supports up to 30 languages and has a intuitive user interface. Some advanced features included are random password generator, password quality tester, two-factor authentication (password plus a token that is stored on a disk, pen-drive, or other medium), and plug-in support for extended features. For encryption, they use SHA-256 hashes and AES.

Try it Here!

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Web 2.0: Beta Testing

I just realized that I am on at least 10 different beta sites. There are so many Web 2.0 companies popping up on the Internet that I have a dedicated email address for the sole purpose of beta testing. I found a great example of the difference between Web 1.0 and Web 2.0.

How many beta sites are you testing out?

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Web 2.0: Do you think you know the WEB 2.0?

WEB 2.0 quiz
Heres a quick little test on Web 2.0. Try it out and let me know what you scored.

Test Here

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